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If you've seen Natalie speak, any materials from your session will be available here for you to download.

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beachbody summit 2019

We covered a ton between the Accelerator and Leadership track sessions!

After you do the Values Guide, snap a pic of your values, post it on Instagram and tag me! Can’t wait to see what’s important to YOU!


beachbody summit 2018

We talked about setting personal financial goals and aligning your business goals to help you get there. We shared a framework for your budget that not only enables you to make consistent progress towards your goals with inconsistent income, but also incorporates fun and celebration into your finances, because enjoying life today is just as important as saving for tomorrow!


money for all seasons

We talked about the seasons of life and the challenges and opportunities of new parenthood. We talked about defining your season and reflecting on what financial success means for you in this season. Oh, and we talked about values, goals, budgeting, and communicating about finances with your partner. So much good stuff!

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To become one

We explored what you learned about money growing up and how that's impacted you and your partner, defined your values, set your goals, talked about how to communicate about money with your partner, how to budget, and how to have fun along the way!