“Until hearing your presentation, I haven’t heard, seen or been able to find anyone that sounded like the right fit for my/our current situation. I’ve already spoken to my husband about your presentation and I’m forwarding him your website, powerpoint, and worksheets tonight!”
— Claire, June 2018
Natalie Taylor has been such an incredible resource and gift to our family! She has completely changed the way we understand and interact with our finances, from income and spending to insurance and investing. Natalie equipped us with the tools to engage our finances intentionally and responsibly no matter what life throws our way.  

Our value-system was at the heart of Natalie’s entire approach, and she listened carefully to what was important to us and what we wanted for our present and future. She helped us clarify our specific needs and desires, and showed us how to translate them into realistic, action-oriented goals.  Natalie seamlessly applied her expansive knowledge and expertise to our situation and made each aspect of our financial picture, whether it be tracking spending or investing long-term, feel transparent and attainable.

Natalie not only set us up for financial success, she also empowered us to continue to manage our own finances by utilizing user-friendly systems and strategies. Her approach reflects the best, most innovative practices and matches it with the personal, unique values of the client.  We cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Skyler and Brianna Bachman (clients)
I’ve known Natalie for close to a decade when we met at a church function. I quickly learned of her skills and enthusiasm to coach others towards financial health. Soon after, Natalie began facilitating a portion of our premarital class. To date, what she offered is the best class we have given to pre-marrieds and newlyweds. In fact, we still use the outline she created almost ten years ago. She moved and generously gave us permission to build on the foundation she started, otherwise she would still be our first choice to facilitate.

When I think of Natalie, there are three qualities that come to mind that make her a great presenter. First, she knows her financial field inside and out. Natalie’s years as a financial advisor, CFP, have given her a wealth of experience working with all kinds people, adding greatly to her educational expertise. Second, Natalie combines a unique ability to be personable, warm, but also to the point. That is, she can communicate complicated concepts in an accessible way, all while being very likable. Third, Natalie’s passion to serve people is contagious—it actually becomes an incentive for others to learn.

For all of the reasons above, and many more, I highly recommend without reservation Natalie Taylor as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant.
— Scott Wildey, Flood Church

I recruited Natalie to speak to a large group of women on the topic of managing family finances. Her approach is engaging and warm, making everyone feel at ease when discussing a topic that can be difficult. She incorporates humor and personal anecdotes, but delivers sound advice and practical takeaways. I highly recommend working with Natalie, whether you need a little tune up or complete overhaul of your finances, her planning services are invaluable.
— Holly Doden (MOPS Goleta President)