Natalie Taylor is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and Behavioral Financial Advisor™ who is passionate about helping people cultivate a plan for their finances based on their values and goals. She helps people not only make progress, but find confidence, balance and peace along the way.


Frequently quoted in major publications such as the Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider and Lifehacker, Natalie draws on over 13 years of comprehensive financial planning experience, 5+ years with a fintech start-up, and a decade of professional speaking to share advice that works in real life, not just on paper. Natalie was most recently the Director of Financial Advice for a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company and has guided thousands of people through everything from buying their first home to managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

In front of an audience, she shares effective strategies for achieving and maintaining balance between enjoying life today and planning for someday. Natalie connects with audiences of all kinds with an authentic and relatable style that inspires her audience to look at their finances differently, and empowers them to begin a fresh conversation about money unlike any they’ve had before.

As a consultant, Natalie draws on her experience as a brand voice manager, product SME, strategy consultant and financial advisor trainer & coach to help companies move their mission forward in the fintech and financial services spaces. Whether it’s helping financial advisors learn to connect and communicate more effectively with clients, working through product strategy, or helping a financial brand connect with a Millennial and/or female audience, Natalie’s goal is to help companies make progress and create meaningful change.

She has completely changed the way we understand and interact with our finances, from income and spending to insurance and investing. Natalie equipped us with the tools to engage our finances intentionally and responsibly no matter what life throws our way.
— Skyler & Brianna Bachman

AREAS of expertise


  • Budgeting in real life

  • College planning

  • Planning for a home purchase

  • Retirement planning

  • Investing

  • Tax planning

  • Debt reduction strategies

  • Student loan analysis

  • Life, disability & long-term care insurance

  • Planning with a partner

  • Financial planning needs for freelancers and solopreneurs

  • Social Security optimization


  • Delivering keynotes to groups large and small

  • Developing and delivering financial workshops (60 minute to half-day)

  • Developing educational content for organizations of all sizes

  • Translating financial brands into spoken communication

  • Coaching Financial Advisors on effective client communication

  • Financial services & fintech product development

  • Developing written content for both consumer and industry audiences

  • Connecting financial brands with Millennial and female audiences