Values Matter.

In fact, my values are why I left LearnVest after five incredible years, took the summer off to hang with my kids, and am now shifting course in my career. Ryan and I use our core values to guide our decisions, financial and otherwise, and last year I realized that my life wasn’t in alignment with our values. In fact, I was one for six. ONE FOR SIX! Something had to change. Here’s where I stood:

FAMILY – I was carrying a ton of stress that kept me from being the mom I wanted to be. Ryan was traveling a ton and away from the family and I was traveling, too.

HEALTH – Prolonged stress threw my cortisol out of whack, causing fatigue and other health issues. Turns out all those studies that say that stress is seriously bad for your health are right. Now I know.  

COMMUNITY – We were both so exhausted that when we weren’t working or taking care of mandatory life stuff, we de-prioritized friendships to try to catch up on sleep, work, and time with the kids.

ADVENTURE – Yeah right. I had no time or energy for adventure. Anything that wasn’t required was eliminated and adventure certainly fell into that category. In fact, after saving for several years to take a big ten-year anniversary trip, I didn’t have the capacity or energy to figure out where to go or what to do. (My incredible husband and my best friend planned everything. She even packed my suitcase for me! And Italy was fantastic!)

MEANINGFUL WORK – Not anymore. With the closing of the LearnVest financial planning business, my work wasn’t mission-driven anymore. Never did I understand just how important meaningful work was to me than when I no longer had it.

GENEROSITY – This one we felt good about. One out of six.

So we made some pretty big changes. We created space in our lives to prioritize family, health, community and adventure, and I’ve found my way back to doing truly meaningful work through professional speaking. I feel more content, peaceful, balanced, excited and present than I have in a long time.

Values matter. And I’m reminded once again why I’m so passionate about values-based decision-making – because it changes everything.

So here I am, on a mission to help people align their finances (and lives) with their values, make lasting, meaningful progress on their goals, and find balance, peace and contentment along the way. If you’re looking to hire a speaker for a conference or event, let me know - I’m here to help.